12 Must Know Interesting Facts About Shakuntala Devi a Human Computer

12 Must Know Interesting Facts About Shakuntala Devi a Human Computer

Shakuntala Devi was India’s most famous mnemonist who could easily remember long lists of numbers, days, names and would make complex math calculations in her mind within seconds. Her genius ability of solving complex arithmetic problems earned her the title of “Human Computer” and “Mental Calculator”.

Here we have lined up some lesser known but interesting facts about Shakuntala Devi, a Human Computer to let you feed your bug of curiosity. So let’s start.

1)- A Biopic Movie

A biopic movie Shakuntala Devi-Human Computer has been announced on the life of mathematical genius in which the National Award winner actor Vidya Balan will be playing the titular role. The announcement of the movie has ignited the curiosity of people to know more about the gifted talent of Shakuntala Devi and her life events.

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Bollywood actor Vidya Balan will be in the lead role in the biopic movie Shakuntala Devi

2)- Birth and Early Life of Shakuntala Devi

Famously known as the Human Computer, Shakuntala Devi was born on 4th November, 1929, in a Brahmin family at Bengaluru. Her father was a circus artist and would do road shows as well. When Shakuntala Devi was three years old, her father discovered that she has genius mathematical abilities of remembering numbers. Shakuntala Devi was a brilliant child and without much formal education she proved her talent at the small age of six years and that too at the University of Mysore.

3)- Display of Mental Maths Skill

Shakuntala’s father would do road shows with her demonstrating her mental math abilities. Later, she placed herself as an expert in highly complex mental arithmetic and further developed the concept known as “Mind Dynamics”.

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4)- Worldwide Recognition and Demonstrations

In 1944, Shakuntala Devi, alongwith her father, left for London. She also travelled different countries of the world showcasing her innate talent. She also visited Europe and America between 1950-1977 and impressed all with mathemagical abilities.

5)- 23rd Root of a 201-Digit Number

It was 1977, when Shakuntala Devi stunned all at Southern Methodist University by giving the 23rd root of a 201-digit number in just 50 seconds. The correct answer was 546,372,891 which was confirmed by a specially designed computer program written by the US Bureau of Standards.

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6)- Interesting Facts About Shakuntala Devi-A Guinness Record Holder

On 18 June 1980, Shakuntala Devi demonstrated the multiplication of two 13-digit numbers—7,686,369,774,870 × 2,465,099,745,779—picked at random by the Computer Department of Imperial College London. She correctly answered 18,947,668,177,995,426,462,773,730 in 28 seconds. This event was later recorded in The Guinness Book of World Records.

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An Interesting Facts about Shakuntala Devi:

She was known for her extraordinary abilities to solve complex math problems in a matter of seconds

7)- Shakuntala Devi Google Doodle

On 4th November 2013, Google honoured India’s Human Computer Shakuntala Devi on her 84th birth anniversary with a Google Doodle.

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8)- Shakuntala Devi as an Author

Shakuntala Devi wrote several books on the topics of maths, puzzles, astrology and aemory apart from various novels on similar topics. In one of her books Figuring: The Joy of Numbers, she has explained various methods of doing mental calculations of complex numbers.

In 1977, Shakuntala Devi also wrote a book The World of Homosexuals which is considered a unique book on the subject matter. She had a soft heart towards homosexuality and looked at it in an understanding and empathetic way.

9)- Shakuntala Devi’s Interview during her visit to Hong Kong in 1996.

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10)- Personal Life of Shakuntala Devi

After her return to India in the 1960s, Shakuntala Devi married an IAS officer Paritosh Banerjee from Kolkata. In 1979, both of them divorced and left with a daughter namely Anupama Banerjee. It is said that in 1980, Shakuntala Devi contested in the two Lok Sabha elections, one from South Mumbai and another from Medak, Telangana. In Medak she contested against Indira Gandhi and lost.

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11)- Death of the Legend Shakuntala Devi

On 21st April 2013, at the age of 83, Shakuntala Devi took her last breath in a hospital at Bengaluru. She was suffering respiratory related problems which got complicated and got elevated from other complications from heart and kidney.

12)- Inspirational Quotes from Shakuntala Devi

Numbers have life; they’re not just symbols on paper.

Without Mathematics, There’s Nothing You Can Do. Everything Around You Is Mathematics. Everything Around You Is Numbers.

If You Do Not Use A Muscle Or Any Part Of The Body, It Tends To Become Atrophic. So Is The Case With The Brain. The More You Use It, The Better It Becomes.

In conclusion, after reading interesting facts about Shakuntala Devi, we can say that Shakuntala Devi was a true genius who despite all hurdles and hardships, made India proud by displaying her mental math skills.

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