Impact of COVID-19 on the film industry & How Prepared is this Industry for the Post Pandemic World?

Impact of COVID-19 on the film industry & How Prepared is this Industry for the Post Pandemic World?

Impact of covid-19 on the film industry: In February of this year, many filmmakers had plans for the year; some were already filming scenes for new features and others were planning new episodes for upcoming series. However, the Covid-19 pandemic threw the film industry into a panic. Production was stopped and projects were postponed.


By now, the pandemic has had a major impact on the financial aspect of the film industry along with creating sanitation issues. Here, we’ll talk about the influence of the Covid-19 pandemic on the film industry and what we can expect in the future. 

Impact of COVID-19 on the film industry?

Impact of Covid-19 on the film industry: COVID-19 pandemic has hurt most industries, but especially those that require people to be physically present. Unlike software developers, actors and filmmakers can’t work remotely. Therefore, their work dynamic has been more harshly interrupted by the pandemic. If they go to work in a studio, they risk contamination and in the worst case scenario, someone could die. 

For that reason, many series, shows, and movies like Better Call Saul or Avatar delayed production indefinitely. This has negatively affected the finances in the film industry as many companies had already rented locations and hired personnel for their upcoming projects. 

According to a recent report, revenue loss in the film industry had already reached about $10 billion by the end of May this year, entirely due to the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, many production companies are now struggling to stay afloat.

There Are No Rules on What to Do During a Pandemic

There’s no doubt that the Covid-19 pandemic is an unprecedented event in the film industry (and the lives of our generation). In the history of filmmaking, directors have not been strangers to natural disasters and mishaps, and can reference these situations to help them find solutions. But no one knows for sure which step to take next, as preventing contact between actors makes it complicated for those in the industry to stay active. 

The producer of the film Unbroken, Matt Baer, said, “There’s plenty of precedent in movie history for what you do if a hurricane hits your set or an actor dies in production, but there’s no rule book for what you do in a pandemic.”

Toward a Post-Covid-19 World

Imagine a world in which no new movies are produced and we can only ever watch those that have already been made. It sounds like an awful landscape, right? If we’re being realistic, we know that this Covid-19 outbreak is far from over. It may take many more months for things to get back to normal. 

However, the new normal has begun and it’s time for the film industry to show its resilience. Producers and filmmakers will continue to create movies, despite the challenges. Some filmmakers and TV producers have already started looking for alternative ways to continue working. Here’s what could happen in a post-Covid-19 world:

Looking for New Opportunities

Some TV show producers and filmmakers have leveraged this opportunity to work on post-production effects. Besides, some of them are also working entirely with movie effects to finish their projects. A great example of this is how the British TV show Have I Got News For You and Indian TV Show The Kapil Sharma Show, returned with a no audience show format. They’re also transmitting the show by videoconference. 

OTT Platforms

With millions of people unable to leave the house due to pandemic-related restrictions, over-the-top (OTT) platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime are thriving. Regular movie theaters are no longer an option for many, so viewers are relishing the opportunity to binge their favourite shows at home. At the same time, these platforms are proving to be the perfect windows for budding and established actors to showcase their talent.

Creative Distancing

You could say that sci-fi and fiction filmmakers and producers are at an advantage during the pandemic. If you think about it, the movie Gravity didn’t have much live-action going on and almost everything was computer-generated. Therefore, there’s no need for a team to frequently be in the same place. They could film and edit at any place in the world and still be able to produce the movie. 

All this is created by using videogame technology. To create these movies, filmmakers use game software like Unity or Unreal. This way, they’re able to develop realistic environments and characters, a system that could be replicated across other genres of movies.

Impact of COVID-19 on the film industry. Conclusion.

Covid-19 has had a tremendous impact on the movie industry. Fortunately, the industry is resilient, with directors, producers and actors finding creative ways to cope with the devastating effects of the pandemic. Despite everything that has happened, one thing is for sure: producers and filmmakers will continue to create movies.

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