ZEE5 Original Atkan Chatkan Movie Review 2020: A Musical Ode to Friendship that’ll Find Its Way to Your Heart (May be)

ZEE5 Original Atkan Chatkan Movie Review 2020: A Musical Ode to Friendship that’ll Find Its Way to Your Heart (May be)

Atkan Chatkan Movie Review: ZEE5 original movie Atkan Chatkan is a musical presentation by the music-maestro A.R. Rahman himself. Lydian Nadhaswaram as Guddu, makes a solid debut with Atkan Chatkan which nicely touches on the subject of following your life’s passion and keeping the hopes alive.

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Quick Facts About Atkan Chatkan Movie

Atkan Chatkan Movie star cast: Lydian Nadhaswaram (as Guddu), Amitriyaan Ami, Spruha Joshi, Sachin Choudhary, Yash Rane, Tamanna Deepak, Aayesha Vindhara, Steven Samuel  

Atkan Chatkan Movie Director: Shiv Hare

Atkan Chatkan Movie Producer: A.R. Rahman, Vishakha Singh

Atkan Chatkan Movie Music Director: Sivamani

Atkan Chatkan Movie Review Rating: 3 Star out of 5

Atkan Chatkan Movie Streaming Platform: ZEE5

Atkan Chatkan Movie length: 126 Minutes

Atkan Chatkan Movie Review: What’s in the Story?

The story of Atkan Chatkan movie is based on the theme of “rags to riches” where the central character raises from the ground and reaches to the sky level success with his sheer determination and hard-work.

Atkan Chatkan Movie Review Story
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In Atkan Chatkan, the central character is a tea selling boy Guddu (Lydian Nadhaswaram) who teams up with his friends Chuttan (Sachin Chaudhary), Madhav (Yash Rane) and Meethi (Tamanna Dipak) to form a musical band. This quartet finds amazing synergy in music and creates stunning music out of almost everything.

Along the way of their success, all of them face so many hurdles: Guddu’s drunk and careless father, scolding and cuss words by the employer, begging cartel, bullying etc. but despite this, they make their own way of creating music from the scrap and waste material and move on their way to make history at Annual Music Competition in Madhya Pradesh.

Atkan Chatkan Movie Review: Cast, Direction and Music

As far as the direction of Atkan Chatkan movie is concerned, it’s fair enough as it should be for such a theme. The storyline of the movie is quite simple, straight and predictable and the second half of the movie seems unnecessarily lengthy, full of drama. Director Shiv Hare, has created a sympathetic portrayal of the protagonist, Guddu who has passion for music and whose hands can’t remain stable, always tapping on almost everything.

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The main character of Atkan Chatkan movie has been played by 13 years old Lydian Nadhaswaram who is also the world famous pianist and the proud protege of the music maestro A.R. Rahman. Lydian, as the under privileged Guddu, has done quite well in front of the camera with right emotions and acting.

Guddu’s friend Madhav has also done remarkably well as a mature, knowledgeable kid (person) who in one scene tells Guddu the meaning of the word Musician. He motivates Guddu that despite not knowing the spelling of musician he can be a musician, Madhav shows him a balloon and says “Can a balloon spell his name? But it knows how to fly.” Such few moments make Atkan Chatkan movie endearing and heart touching.

Apart from the solid act, by almost all the actors, one more thing makes Atkan Chatkan unique and that is its spectacular music by the famous percussionist Sivamani. Two songs of Atkan Chatkan deserve special mention. Check them out yourself:

Atkan Chatkan Title Track

Atkan Chatkan Track Daata Shakti De, voice powered by the legendary Amitabh Bachchan

Atkan Chatkan Movie Trailer

Atkan Chatkan Movie Review: Final Words

Atkan Chatkan movie is an honest effort by the makers but it lacks the wow factors due to its length and serving of over drama. The characters are fine but not good enough for the inspiration that we are looking forward to. Atkan Chatkan is worth watching as a kids movie and for the love music specially the element of waste to wonder (music).

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